Chat 'n' Chill Online Peer Support Group

Chat 'n Chill is a Zoom-based monthly peer-to-peer support group for adult women self-identifying with symptoms of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Complex PTSD) as a result of childhood trauma and/or domestic violence.

The group is a welcoming online space to relax with others, regardless of age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, beliefs, disabilities, life experiences and current circumstances. It’s a non-judgemental place to be listened to and connect with others who will understand. The group usually welcomes 6-8 participants and is led by Recovery Code X facilitators and supported by trained volunteers.

We have limited membership of the group to our local area of Bedfordshire and neighbouring counties of Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire in order to keep the group safe.

We have now reached full capacity and unable to accept any further registrations. If you would like to be kept informed of further opportunities to join our peer support groups and other events you can subscribe to our e-newsletter, The Healing Well. Email:



Frequency: Monthly

Dates: Last Thursday of each month.

Venue: Zoom

Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Cost: FREE

Duration: Two-hour sessions over a minimum of 5 months (longer subject to funding)


I have had all types of therapy: CBT, psychodynamic, counselling, it all left me feeling like I was wilfully refusing to fix myself. My trauma was so deeply engrained all I needed was compassion, empathy and a safe space to explore what my trauma had done to me. No therapist ever mentioned how I lived in flight, fight, freeze, fawn response and that I was ruled by hypervigilance or that I was trauma bonded to my abusers, so spent my life trying to fix everybody in order to feel safe. I searched my whole life to understand what was wrong with me, and once I discovered myself, that I had CPTSD and found Recovery Code X I found a flicker of hope.

The Chat 'n' Chill group is the only place where I have felt safe and felt understood. If I'd found this support in my younger years I think my life could have turned out differently. I wish this sort of support could be rolled out nationally. It would change lives, I have no doubt. Lots of people deal with some level of trauma and we should understand it as a society. Recovery Code X is a beacon of hope.


Is this group for me?

Chat 'n' Chill could be the group for you if:

You're self-identifying or diagnosed with mild to moderate Complex PTSD and grew up in a traumatising environment, where there was abuse, and you suffered abusive relationships as an adult.

You would like to meet a friendly group of other women with similar experiences, and reduce the isolation.

You're looking for a safe place to share progress on your healing and recovery.

Or you'd like to just “be”, listen and gain some insights and coping skills.