Heart2Heart Online Peer Support Group


Is this group for me?

 Heart2Heart could be the group for you if:


You self-identify or have been diagnosed with mild to moderate Complex PTSD, and struggle to manage your moods and relax, feel safe.


You grew up in a traumatising environment, experienced sexual abuse or exploitation as a child, teen, or young adult.


You suffered abusive, exploitative relationships and sexual violence as an adult.

You would like to meet a friendly group of other women with similar experiences, and reduce the isolation.

You're looking for a safe place to share progress on your healing and recovery.

                                                       Or you'd like to just “be”, listen and gain some insights and coping skills.



1.    Confidentiality

During a Heart2Heart group session, we take each other into our confidence. Everything said is confidential. What is said within the group, stays within the group. The only exception is if a Recovery Code X group facilitator or volunteer believes that a participant or someone else is at risk of harm.


2.    Sharing and discussion

We listen to and respect each other’s views. It is fine to share the impact of traumatic experiences and how these have made you feel, but we ask you not to share details of the abuse in the group.


3.    Creating a safe space

We don’t judge each other, make personal comments or give advice. Sensitivity and compassionate behaviour are fundamental to creating a safe space for all.


4.    No need to speak

We don’t want anyone to feel left out of discussions, but if you want to just listen and ‘be’, that is fine too.


5.    Drugs and alcohol

If you attend a session under the influence of alcohol or drugs, one of the group facilitators will have to ask you to leave. Medication prescribed by a doctor is acceptable.


6.   Friendships

If you decide you would like to contact a group member outside the group, you have to obtain their permission. When friendships develop, each party extends permission to contact each other both implicitly and explicitly.


7.    Privacy

You need to be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. All mobile phones must be switched off at the start.


8.    Anonymity

During sessions, it is recommended that only first names are used. Even a pseudonym is okay.




Not sure? Our FAQ might help.

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