Peer Support Groups Needed All Year Round


Recovery Code X will probably best remember 2022 as the year the Survivors Hub Project launched a uniquely packaged online peer support group for women with Complex PTSD. It will go down in our history as the year we installed a new registration and review system that reaped rewards in helping us to create safer and more cohesive groups. It'll go down as the time we learned the most from you, our group members, and produced a series that mattered.

While there are no quick fixes for Complex PTSD, the mere act of sharing experiences and feeling supported by a group, can be validating and life-enhancing.

Your Feelings Matter

Like many psychological therapies, the course needs to be longer than 7 or 8 weeks to achieve lasting results.  


Group feedback insists on the need for a regular weekly or fortnightly group all year round – a group you can rely on. For some, the Survivors Hub was the only source of emotional support in a topsy turvy world, where overwhelm and isolation, flashbacks and fatigue are met with disbelief and intolerance, moral judgement – or worse.

Melanie Tomsett who co-facilitated

the Christmas Chat 'n' Chill Survivors Hub

We recognise that everyone is at a different place in their journey, and are passionate about allowing equal time to share. Above all, we’re here to listen.


We close new registrations before the course starts to help group members bond and feel safe, minimise disruption.


We’re grateful to the National Lottery for funding the seven-week series. Now we’re looking at options to put in place a peer support group that won’t disappear at Christmas, that can carry us through the different seasons of the year, and be a rock in the storms of life.

Anna Bragga

Founder/Chair, Recovery Code X

What They're Saying About The Survivors Hub


 I was so excited to learn about Recovery Code X as I had been looking for support groups for CPTSD for a long time. No help was available from the NHS and few people in my life understood my struggles. I felt very alone. I quickly discovered that it is a pioneering organisation. The information it offers is extensive and thorough, the team are specialists who are compassionate and genuinely committed to helping people struggling with the effects of long-term trauma and abuse. It felt amazing to have a safe place where I could share my problems, learn ways to manage my CPTSD and feel less alone. It is vital for people with CPTSD to find a safe harbour, and this is what Recovery Code X represents to me.

~ T.P.



The Survivors Hub is a very welcoming safe space that ensures support from both peers and facilitators. The balance of theory and discussion allows sharing of emotional content that can be painful. It is a much-needed group for individuals still coping with Cptsd symptoms.

~ Jaswinder Challi



 I was really impressed by the way the session was conducted, not only the passion demonstrated by the facilitators, but also for the engagement of the participants, and their contributions to the session.

This was only an introductory session, and yet it did reach a positive outcome, which will surely lead to more and more with the upcoming sessions. I felt that there was a positive and friendly environment that enabled the participants to feel understood and supported. I really look forward to joining next session!


~ Rafida Alhagiali


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Recovery Code X needs your help to continue the good work of the Survivors Hub Peer Support Group in 2023

We have listened to you in our groups, and know how important this space has become for some of you. We would like to keep growing and open up registrations again to let more people join for a new series in 2023. We are looking to train and nurture more facilitators so that we can run more groups, for women and men.

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Self-help Resources for Complex PTSD

You can listen to the guidance in our four self-help podcasts by clicking on the boxes below.

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